Home Office Ideas

Photo of me by my lovely friend Amanda 

I have a ton of books.  Like, a TON.  In the photo above, what you don’t see is the top row of books on the super tall book shelf, another overflowing book shelf next to it, or the other two book exploding shelves across (you can see the side of one on the left of the picture).  Add to that a growing sample library, project files, and notebook collection.  My office, which is half library, half museum, is becoming just a tiny bit out of control.    Continue reading “Home Office Ideas”

How I Get Motivated to Work


A few weeks ago, I put out a wish into the universe that I would get more work and just a tiny but busier.  It’s been really nice having a flexible schedule during the summer, but when things slow down too much – that can get scary.

Well, the universe has responded!  Suddenly, I am busier than I’ve been since I started this journey, and it happened all at once.  My head is spinning, and I’m starting to get that excited feeling like “I can do this!”.   But also that terrified feeling like, “How is this going to get done?”.  So I’m thinking of the little things I do to keep myself motivated to stay on task, since working from home comes with a lot of distractions and juggling a bunch of different projects for a bunch of different clients is not easy, no matter where you are.

Get Dressed.   (Ok, at least put on a bra…)  Something about going through those motions of washing my face and changing my clothes helps me wake up and feel prepared to tackle the tasks ahead of me.  It’s so easy to stumble out of bed and sit down at the computer and start looking at email, but taking the time to “get ready” really helps me wake up and feel more alert.  Taking my glasses off and putting my contacts in is another thing that helps me feel more awake.  Preferably before I eat a breakfast burrito slathered in hot sauce…

Make a list.  Seeing all the things I have to do is sometimes a little overwhelming, but it really helps to prioritize tasks.  Anything that requires asking a question always comes first, followed by time sensitive things (showrooms close at 5), and then all the rest that follows.  Sharing lists with others is also a really good way to keep everyone up to date on what I’ve done, and what I still need to do.  I use Wunderlist for that, and it has been great – it’s so satisfying to mark something complete, and it syncs to my phone, so I always have it on hand for reference.

Here’s me, pretending to make a list for the photo.

Take Breaks.  Remembering to eat and drink water and listen to the things my body is telling me it needs is a must.  I have a hard time sitting still for too long and it helps me to get up and walk around for a minute.  When I return to the task, I have cleared my head of distraction, and feel more prepared to re-focus.

I’d love to hear your input!  What things help you to stay focused and motivated to work throughout the day – whether at home or at the office?