2017 Goals

Image via Drew Ellis, found on Pinterest, obvi.

We’re fast approaching the end of 2016 (phew!), and now is the time that many of us are making resolutions for next year.  Somehow it seems more important and serious this time around, as if suddenly a switch has been flipped inside of me, and I now understand the consequences of inaction.

Most of my goals for next year focus on financial stability and growth.  I want to pay off my credit cards, and make room to start saving towards our goal of buying a home.   Of course, I want to make sure I’m working enough to afford to do all of that.  If possible, I would love it if the work was rewarding and fun, but I won’t get ahead of myself here…

Aside from that I’m trying to prioritize my efforts so that they fit into the following three categories.  I’m going for improvement, not perfection, with happiness as the main goal. Continue reading “2017 Goals”

A New Season

March 2016

Back in early March, I was sitting on my sister’s couch, crying my eyes out in the middle of the night.  Things were horribly, yet inexplicably wrong at my job (my dream job!) and the anxiety of returning to a toxic workplace had ruined the end of my week long vacation in Phoenix.  The feeling crept up on me, until it had totally overwhelmed me and stopped my ability to enjoy a single moment of the day.  Imagine Sunday Anxiety x 1000.

Earlier that day as we wandered through the aisles of a Native American Market, I felt lost and hopeless, touching every stone and asking what they meant.  Where was the thing that would purify my soul?  Where was the thing that could protect me?  I allowed my mom and sister to dawdle at the booths and rushed ahead of them so they would not see that I was crying.  Something in me had cracked and broken, but I did not know what it was.

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In One Month…

Photo by the amazing Anna Sodziak.  See more of our engagement session on her website.

In one month from today, I will be standing in front of my closest family and friends, and promise my life to the most incredible guy on the planet.   This thought is terrifying  so exciting.  I’ll be honest- I’m ready for the planning-for-my-wedding phase of my life to be over, and just move on already!  An 18 month engagement is so long.  Almost half of the time we’ve been together as a couple, we have been engaged!  And even still, I’m just getting used to hearing the word “fiance” come out of my mouth.  Forget saying “husband” any time soon!

And if serendipitous timing couldn’t be better, I finally was able to rent The Happiness Project from the library on my kindle (I read too much to realistically pay for every book!), and just finished up the chapter on marriage.  If you don’t know about the Happiness Project, it’s Gretchen Rubin’s personal chronicle of a year long journey to make her every day life happier.  Every month, she gave herself a new set of resolutions focused on one aspect of her life to try and improve her overall happiness and well-being.  Her resolutions to improve her marriage are below:

  • Quit nagging
  • Don’t expect praise or appreciation
  • Fight right
  • No dumping
  • Give proofs of love

Definitely some tips in that list that I can apply to my own life.  Sometimes I can hear myself even before my mouth opens and I know how annoying I am, but still I can’t stop myself from nagging or complaining about something.  And I definitely want to give more proofs of love.  I may say “I love you” more than he does, but MJ is the king of sweet and thoughtful every day gifts.  I’m not talking about anything extravagant, but I know that when he goes shopping, he usually comes home with something special for me.  Flowers, a piece of cake, an avocado.  (Yes, a good avocado is a great gift!)

I think I know better than to expect that our lives will be drastically different after we are married, but I would like to think that we can always be improving on our partnership.  The rest of our lives, after all, is hopefully a very long time together!

What do you think of these resolutions?  Is there anything you would add to this list?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!