Grinchy ’16

I know it’s Christmas, but I just have to come out and say that I’m just not feeling it this year.  I kept waiting for the spirit of the season to hit me, but it just never came.  To be 100% honest, I’ve been a total freak lately.

Well, I should say lately as in, after we returned from our official honeymoon trip to Mexico.  After spending a glorious week actually relaxing on the beach in the sunshine, it’s hard to come back to Chicago’s temperatures (sub-zero when you count wind chill).  It was so important and refreshing to take a break and disconnect from work and emails.  I barely looked at or posted on Instagram, I didn’t give a hoot about what people were putting on Facebook.  I was just happy to BE where I was and experience what I was doing.  We didn’t even take as many photos as we thought we would, but I find that’s always the case when I go on vacation.  I pack up the camera stuff and a notebook, and have to force myself to even just get a page of writing done to justify bringing it along.


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