To China

My little baby brother, only 20 years old, is moving to China today.  How exciting!  How brave!

Jackie and MJ Low_Res-243
Photo by the oh-so-talented Anna Sodziak.

He is, like my sister and me, an artistic soul, quiet (at first), contemplative, and a big dreamer.  He, like me, decided New York was not all it’s cracked up to be, and decided to take a break.  When I did that, I decided to move to Chicago, and I’m still here 11 years later.  When he decided, it took him all the way to the other side of the planet.

I have always wanted to live abroad but just never made the space in my life to do so.  I get very comfortable and like to be caught up in routines.  They make me feel secure and stable.  I’m a 50/50 split between a city girl and a homebody.  (Like those New Yorkers who never leave Manhattan, but not quite so drastic.)   I have to admit I’m a teeny bit jealous of his big adventure – all the things he’ll get to see in Beijing, and all of the tasty food he’s going to eat.  I know I’d be doing dumplings and Dim Sum all day every day!

I talked to my parents who were a bit tearful and sad, as to be expected.  They are officially empty nesters now.  I’ll have to go home more and bug them.  But we are all wishing David the very best of luck on his trip.  That he can find his way in a world where he doesn’t yet know the language, won’t know his way around, and will have to point to the things (he thinks) he wants on a menu.

This is a year for big change.  I knew it, I could feel it, I willed that it MUST BE.  As 2016 was drawing to a close, I asked the universe to please let us keep going, not allow us to blow up in a terrible disaster so that we could keep living happy and productive lives as best as we could.  So far, we’ve been very fortunate to not have every single one of our rights and expectations for life taken away from us, but that may still be coming.  For some of us, that may come sooner rather than later.  In the mean time, we have to focus on what we can still do, and what’s still out there for the taking.

Like China.



3 thoughts on “To China”

  1. How truly exciting!! I’ve always had that inner gypsy, that would love to just pick up and move to a new place where I knew no one nor the language… You know, full on Under the Tuscan Sun type thing…. but I’m just not brave enough. Or maybe I am brave enough, but I have too many things that tie me to this place where I am.

    I do think that this inner gypsy is the reason that I have no urge at all to purchase property. Besides the expenses associated with OWNING, I immediately start thinking, “What if I wanted to just pick up and go? I’d have to deal with this first! I couldn’t just load up my car and go!”

    Good luck to this little brother!!! I’m sure he’ll have an amazing adventure!

    1. I hope so!

      I also got stuck with a lot of ties pretty early on, and I allowed them to hold me in place. I think I realized at some point that no matter what I decide, there’s always going to be something I chose not to do that I’d be “missing out” on.

  2. Your brother is going to love Beijing–it’s an amazing city with so much beauty and history. (And smog… Beijing is one of the best arguments I’ve ever seen for regulations to protect the environment. Make sure your brother stocks up on masks!) I hope your brother has a great time, and that you an your husband get a chance to visit him there!

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