Home Office Ideas

Photo of me by my lovely friend Amanda 

I have a ton of books.  Like, a TON.  In the photo above, what you don’t see is the top row of books on the super tall book shelf, another overflowing book shelf next to it, or the other two book exploding shelves across (you can see the side of one on the left of the picture).  Add to that a growing sample library, project files, and notebook collection.  My office, which is half library, half museum, is becoming just a tiny bit out of control.   

Fabric samples mixing in with some personal photos and decor.  I originally took this picture because I like the way the colors of the fabric swatches talk to the photo of my dad on the left.

The other day while in a busy storm of paperwork and digging out samples and putting them back, I decided I want to do an office space overhaul.  Not sure exactly what this will entail, but I want to clean up some of the visual clutter and give myself more closed storage space.  Right now everything just feels so heavy and dark, even in the middle of the day when the lighting is pretty bright.  Maybe everything needs a fresh coat of white, or a brighter light fixture.  I’d also like to make use of the wall space that I have to hang up my inspiration images and samples I’m working with on a cork board.

Of course I’m looking at Pinterest for inspiration, and digging through my archive of pins led me to revisit this lovely home office tour by sfgirlbybay.  She really nailed the organized chaos thing with her mix of closed storage (her printer lives in the armoire), and inspiring tidbits on display.   Some of my favorite shots are below.

via: sfgirlbybay
via: sfgirlbybay
via: sfgirlbybay
via: sfgirlbybay

I know that redoing my office shouldn’t necessarily be my top priority right now, but I also want to create room for growth in an organized way before things start to get busier.  A girl can dream, right?


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