Project Snapshots

I realize I don’t put a lot on this blog about the things I’m working on, and so I’d like to share some tidbits from a project I’m wrapping up.  A few months ago, I was contacted by a lovely family who purchased a second home in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood and needed their new empty condo completely furnished.  Sound like a dream?  I know…

Since they live across the country at the moment, they were really receptive to me coming up with the whole concept and going full speed ahead.  Getting in touch with a designer for help in October in order to move in for Christmas holiday is a pretty fast and furious timeline, so we limited selections to retail options that were in stock and ready to go.

The clients wanted to be able to see all of the pieces together to help them visualize the end result.  Below are my conceptual renderings that I put together with Photoshop.  Why I didn’t do things this way in school, I’ll never know.  3d modeling is a total pain, and you’re limited to what models you can find for free.  With Photoshop, if you have some basic skills in manipulating images, you can put together renderings with the actual pieces you want to use instead of the same Herman Miller chair as everyone else because it was in the free library.

Of course, sometimes the images you find aren’t always the easiest to work with.  The sofa in the image below was photographed at angles that didn’t work with my virtual room, with and ended up looking crazy and distorted.  Not ideal, but I think it generally gets the point across.

Wonky sofa aside, we ended up changing the coffee table for a different one, and choosing a navy blue upholstery instead of this peacock color.  But aside from that, this stayed intact.  
Everything in this rendering was ordered, and is now in place!
The client preferred an upholstered headboard, so we swapped out the bed frame for something softer.  It’s in place now and looking good! 
Of course the lamps went out of stock, but luckily I found others that look really similar.  The nightstands we ended up going with have two closed drawers instead of one.  

The main concept behind the design was the feeling of lightness.  Their current home is more traditional style, and they wanted something modern and bright for their new condo in the city.  Light colors, pieces on legs, you get the idea.  That is their actual view out the window, btw – it’s pretty amazing!  The client’s son and daughter will be the main people living in the space, and so I wanted it to feel youthful and modern, but still sophisticated enough for Mom & Dad when they come into town.

The fun part is watching the renderings come to life.  You can see these spaces unfold in the real world by following my Jennings Creative Studio Instagram account.

What do you think?  What would you have done differently?  I’d love to hear any thoughts and feedback in the comments.


12 thoughts on “Project Snapshots”

  1. Nice project Jackie! I love it..I’d also add curtains in your living room> A false ceiling with indirect light will make the room feels warm.
    Did you use Photoshop to make these photos?

    1. Thanks!! Yes, there are roller blind window treatments that are all the way up in that picture. I took photos and measurements of the space so I could plan out the furniture, and then put them together in photoshop.

  2. These rooms are amazing! I’m dreaming of the day I can upgrade from my hobbled-together collection of cast-off furniture to a well-designed space! Does having Photoshop mean you can do virtual consulting?

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