Dining Room Rug

The other day, we made a quick jaunt out to Ikea (our favorite spontaneous weekend activity), and came back with more than we needed – as usual! Ikea is like Target for me – it doesn’t matter if I only need one thing, somehow I always end up in the check out line with a full cart!  (As AirBNB hosts we always have a need for something, plus MJ loves Swedish Fish..)

My absolute favorite section is the As-Is, where they put discounted merchandise that’s often perfectly good.  I’ve gotten lucky so many times, with so many different kinds of products.  We’ve found complete duvet sets that were previously on display, large picture frames for $4 because they changed the packaging and wanted to get rid of the old ones…. you get the picture.  This time, we came away with a sisal rug that I’d been eyeing!  I wanted to buy it anyway, but at 40% off how could I say no?


I’ve always been a bit on the fence about having a rug in the dining room, but after laying it down, I have to say it really does tie the space together and make it feel more polished.  I also bet that it will make it a bit warmer in the cold months ahead.  I love the natural material and neutral color palette.   Sisal is such a durable material, and the feel of it is much smoother and softer than you might imagine just from looking at the picture.   I’d definitely recommend this rug if you’re in the market – and at $129 regular price, it’s still a steal!


I definitely think we’ll need a rug pad underneath, but for now it’s held down by furniture (and paws) until I get to it.   Can you tell I am in full nesting mode?


3 thoughts on “Dining Room Rug”

  1. It looks great and what a bargain!! I love having an area rug under my dining table mostly cause I hate sweeping and mopping the hardwood floors but also cause it makes it look cozy and inviting.

      1. Yeah I thought the same thing but your right it really doesn’t happen to often. And my lil dog Sparky likes to eat his dinner under the table when we eat our dinner. He picks his food out of his dog dish Carey’s it under the table and eats it there and goes back to get more. He’s such goofball.

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