Summer Sixteen

It’s not over yet but it may as well be, with all of the back to school ads and pumpkins I’ve seen popping up in my social media feeds.  And while the shortening days depress me, I’m also really excited for the cooler days of autumn.  Specifically, I’m excited to wear pants again without wanting to die.  I don’t know about anyone else, but dressing for extreme heat is exhausting to me.

But before it goes away completely, I thought I’d do a brief recap since summer sixteen held some pretty great moments, and it’s fun to revisit the days through photos.

  • We got married!
  • I turned 30!
  • I learned to ride a bike!
  • We went to Traverse City, and I fell madly in love with Michigan!
  • We got free tickets to Lollapalooza and saw Radiohead on MJ’s birthday!
  • And lots, lots more.  It went fast, but it’s been a fun and lovely summer full of adventures with good friends, tasty snacks, and beautiful skies.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Sixteen”

  1. I have bitter-sweet feelings on fall 😛 On one side, I am really really excited to see the fall colors. It is SO beautiful. But then, knowing “winter is coming”(are you a GoT fan between?) I get depressed :\ Last winter , so many of our plans totally blew off because of the snow. 😦
    And love the pics. Awesome summer indeed 🙂

  2. Beautiful post! I found you by searching Traverse City (Where I live). Im glad you enjoyed your time here (and our beautiful state)! Come back soon 🙂 –Melissa

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