Work Exchange: Bottom Line Yoga

As you may know, recently I wrote a ranty post about working for free (don’t do it if you can avoid it).  I am a firm believer in not giving your talents away unless you get something back.   That’s the key concept behind a lot of work exchange programs at fitness studios, and what lured me in to participate in Bottom Line Yoga‘s work exchange.   Sit at the desk for a few hours a week, and in return, receive an unlimited membership that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars.  If you can afford the time, you’ll end up doing something good for your body and your wallet.

One of the greatest things about a freelancer’s life is having the ability to determine my own schedule.   If I want to sign up to do a yoga work trade, I can go right ahead and do that, and fit my freelance work in around that.  Living in Bridgeport, there are ZERO yoga studios in my neighborhood.  The gyms that offer yoga are dance studios, boxing clubs, or some other non-yoga focused fitness clubs that offer yoga almost as an afterthought.  The classes show up on the schedule once a week at a really inconvenient time.  The yoga class at my gym is a total joke, and it’s hard to get into the right mindset when you can hear weights dropping outside the door, or when guys with no respect for the group fitness class come in to use the punching bags.  So you know, it’s obviously less than ideal.

The cost of a yoga membership in Chicago is just a little bit out of reach for me.   On top of my regular gym membership, to pay $125+ for yoga just does not make sense for me right now.   Inspired by some advice from Scrappy Yogi, I decided to look for a work trade program that would allow me the benefit of membership in exchange for a few hours of my life each week.  Bottom Line Yoga has two locations in the loop, just steps away from the train – so not too bad of a commute for me.  On Mondays, I man the desk for  few hours, checking members in to the open studio nap and meditation time, and bring my laptop so I can get whatever work I need to done.   It’s a double duty situation for me, and it’s so far been working out great!

The classes I’ve attended have been amazing.  Since it’s a loop worker focused studio, many of the classes are during lunch hour, and the studio does not get super crowded. The increased personal attention has allowed me to get into some poses that I had always thought were too advanced for me.  Never again do I want to cram myself into the back of a 6 pm Core Power Fusion class!

On top of everything else, the studio is such a relaxing, well curated space that is a pleasure to spend time in.  The mix of mid century modern furniture with vintage found elements creates an inviting environment with a casual style.  Mondays have become a day to look forward to, instead of filling me with dread and destroying my Sundays with anxiety.

I’ve always wanted to design a yoga studio…



8 thoughts on “Work Exchange: Bottom Line Yoga”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this! I am in the middle of reading Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking” and your work exchange ties in really well with her philosophy. Check out her TED Talk if you get a chance, maybe next Monday x

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