In One Month…

Photo by the amazing Anna Sodziak.  See more of our engagement session on her website.

In one month from today, I will be standing in front of my closest family and friends, and promise my life to the most incredible guy on the planet.   This thought is terrifying  so exciting.  I’ll be honest- I’m ready for the planning-for-my-wedding phase of my life to be over, and just move on already!  An 18 month engagement is so long.  Almost half of the time we’ve been together as a couple, we have been engaged!  And even still, I’m just getting used to hearing the word “fiance” come out of my mouth.  Forget saying “husband” any time soon!

And if serendipitous timing couldn’t be better, I finally was able to rent The Happiness Project from the library on my kindle (I read too much to realistically pay for every book!), and just finished up the chapter on marriage.  If you don’t know about the Happiness Project, it’s Gretchen Rubin’s personal chronicle of a year long journey to make her every day life happier.  Every month, she gave herself a new set of resolutions focused on one aspect of her life to try and improve her overall happiness and well-being.  Her resolutions to improve her marriage are below:

  • Quit nagging
  • Don’t expect praise or appreciation
  • Fight right
  • No dumping
  • Give proofs of love

Definitely some tips in that list that I can apply to my own life.  Sometimes I can hear myself even before my mouth opens and I know how annoying I am, but still I can’t stop myself from nagging or complaining about something.  And I definitely want to give more proofs of love.  I may say “I love you” more than he does, but MJ is the king of sweet and thoughtful every day gifts.  I’m not talking about anything extravagant, but I know that when he goes shopping, he usually comes home with something special for me.  Flowers, a piece of cake, an avocado.  (Yes, a good avocado is a great gift!)

I think I know better than to expect that our lives will be drastically different after we are married, but I would like to think that we can always be improving on our partnership.  The rest of our lives, after all, is hopefully a very long time together!

What do you think of these resolutions?  Is there anything you would add to this list?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


15 thoughts on “In One Month…”

  1. Congratulations! And I think that list is great. It’s short so it’s easy to remember and not complicated. Sometimes the steps are hard to follow, but it’s the trying to follow them and do better that counts. I think maybe just the word “communication” could be added. Always being able to have an open and honest dialogue between you and your partner no matter what the subject.

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! Hubby and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in August. Fastest five years EVER.

    I think those are great resolutions! I definitely need to learn to bite my tongue more often…us gals are just fixers! Amiright? I’m justice minded by nature and one of the best tips of marriage advice I ever received was, “would you rather be right? or would you rather be married?” It has helped pick my battles with G and decide if what I’m about to gripe about is really worth it.

  3. Huge Congratulations Jackie 🙂 Days will just fly by and before you know you will be celebrating your first anniversary 🙂 Your resolutions are great 🙂 One small suggestion I would like to add is, as days go on you will meet guys/couples who seem more wonderful to you but please do not fall into the trap and start comparing. I have seen many amazing relationships fail due to the single reason. I had even written a post based on this since many do not realise how dangerous this is and how it finds its way into everyones life.
    And on a lighter note maybe you can refer to this one as well 😉 And many more in my Love and Relationship section 😀

    I am not promoting my blog 😛 Please don think like that 🙂 I get really excited when I hear about weddings, and trying my best to help couples out there to have a cherished relationship 🙂

      1. The most important thing is the desire to improve and maintain the happiness of your relationship 🙂 As long as you have that I am sure things will go awesome ❤ And for now enjoy the days you still get to call him "fiancee" 😉

  4. I have that book and enjoy reading it. I’ll pick it up and re read different parts from time to time. Here’s a bit of advice…learn how to give each other the type of love needed…that’s from another good book called The Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman.

  5. Oh I hear you on the nagging – I really have to watch myself sometimes with my husband, almost literally have to bite my tongue sometimes but thankfully he has the patience of a saint. (And yes, avocados are a great gift!) Congratulations on your wedding and wish you many years of happiness together.

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